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This is a PC-friendly software for any user. In the free version of iAudacity, only one minute can be recorded in one session. If you want to record audio for several minutes, you can enter a recording time in the Recording window of the program.

To do this, click the Start button at the top of the window, and select iStart, which is the first icon in the list. The iStart window opens.

Hit the + button to add a recording time. Type in the recording time for recording. The display shows the time as HH:MM in the form of Two Numbers Interlaced in red and black. Enter the minutes and the clock starts to count down for you.

You can stop the recording at any time by clicking the Stop button. Click OK to finish recording. There will be a pause between the start and end of the recording.

When the recording is complete, iAudacity will ask you to save the file as a WAV file. Click the Save button.

To view the file, open Windows Explorer by clicking the Windows logo on the Start menu. A folder will be opened to show the file. Note that you may need to change the file type to select WAV.

You can also download mp3 files from YouTube by installing the YouTube Downloader. You may need to convert the video file to mp3 format first. A site that does that is Youtube Downloader.

You can edit audio files in iAudacity. Not only do you get good sound effects, you can adjust the beat, volume, bass and treble levels of audio sound. You can also apply equalizers and other filters to audio files.

More sophisticated editing functions include echo, reverberation, cross-talk, auto-pan and de-reverberation.

You can merge several audio files in iAudacity into a single track. Just drag and drop them in a timeline list. You can see the file names in the pane at the bottom of the program window.

iAudacity is a software that allows you to make various sounds from its applications. You can play the sound, record, render and edit the sound in iAudacity. When you are composing a recording, iAudacity is flexible, fast and easy to use.

It’s nice that when you play a recording, you can immediately hear the sound. You can adjust the pitch and volume of the sound with a slider. i