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I’m using spring integration java DSL to start an application. It have a one line property as below
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;
import org.springframework.integration.annotation.MessagingGateway;
import org.springframework.integration.channel.AbstractMessageChannel;
import org.springframework.integration.channel.QueueChannel;
import org.springframework.integration.config.EnableIntegration;
import org.springframework.integration.config.IntegrationPropertySourceUtils;

public class AppConfig {

@MessagingGateway(defaultRequestChannel = “fromInputChannel”)
public interface MyIntegrationGateway {
void sendMessage(String message);

@MessagingGateway(defaultRequestChannel = “fromInputChannel”)
public QueueChannel fromInputChannel() {
return new QueueChannel();

public IntegrationFlow myIntegrationFlow() {
return IntegrationFlows.from(“fromInputChannel”)
.handle(new MyIntegrationGateway() {

public void sendMessage(String message) {

User Manual.pdf
02.01.2012. 07.01.2012


I’m afraid that this is a pretty much a lost cause.
The most you are going to be able to do is extract the text. You will need to compare with existing text using some search engine like Google.
You will have no way of learning the programming that was used to create the software.
So, even if you do come up with a match that you are sure is a copy of the manual, you would have no legal ways of proving that.
If that does not discourage you, then perhaps you might try contacting Ascom and ask for their assistance.

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