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In a Time of My Own.

Dana Cook, Leilani

One of the most potent and poignant works of poetry that I’ve ever read, and one I’m not sure if it will ever be out of my mind.

As I look to the night ahead, in time here,
In time there, I feel the promise of
My path illuminated
As a light in the horizon,
As it comes towards me
And takes me on its journey.
I am with me in time here
When I can’t be with you in time there.
I am with me when I am you,
And you are always with me
When I am myself.

How could I deny?
This might be a better alternative
Than the death I know
That lies in front of me,
And to be a crystal metaphor
For the beautiful and unbreakable bond
That exists between us.

Here is the love we share,
In time here, in time there
In all the times,
Since we are the one,
In the blink of an eye,
We pass one another,
Like two directions on a compass.
You are the north,
And I am the south.
We are in all the times.

I can’t take the chance that we will fall and be without,
That we will no longer understand one another,
That the arrow of fate has missed its mark,
That we will be as strangers to one another,
As is the habit of love.

Time has no choice but to find us here,
In this time, in this place,