Business Mathematics (13th Edition) Free Download 5


Business Mathematics (13th Edition) Free Download 5

Download Business Mathematics (13th Edition) full pdf for free. This is business’s most accurate source of questions, concepts and practice.
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My Haskell code is too slow

I have this code for converting RGBA integer to ASCII chars:
type AsciiColor = Int
type RGB = (AsciiColor, AsciiColor, AsciiColor)

rgbaColor :: AsciiColor -> RGBColour
rgbaColor v = rgb (v * 256 + 0) (v * 256 + 0) (v * 256 + 0)

printColor :: AsciiColor -> String
printColor v = unlines $ map show $ rgbaColor v

I measured the performance in ghc –make test.main and it is too slow, at least 3 times slower than a C source.
My machine is a x64 desktop, running Linux.
What am I doing wrong?


Haskell’s integer type is usually an Int, but you’ve converted to an AsciiColor. An Int will default to 32 bits, which has a maximum value of 2^31-1, while an AsciiColor can hold an integer in the range 0 – 255 (roughly 0..216-1).
type AsciiColor = Int
type RGB = (AsciiColor, AsciiColor, AsciiColor)

rgbaColor :: AsciiColor -> RGB
rgbaColor v = rgb (v * 256 +