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According to the Downtown Business Association, the number of vacant storefronts in the downtown area has dropped 15%. From 2010-2015, the number of downtown storefronts fell by 15%; however, the number of empty storefronts has fallen by 75% since 2005. This is encouraging.

Downtown, the concentration of vacant storefronts has fallen. The number of storefronts in the Green Line Loop has grown from 22 in 2005 to 35 today, and the number of storefronts within 2 blocks of the Green Line Loop has grown from 57 in 2005 to 134 today.

Of course, more and more businesses have moved to the Loop, but the Loop has been a work in progress since the opening of the Green Line in 1994. The Loop never fulfilled the promise of bringing people back to the city. A part of it is the lack of support for the Loop on the part of the city government. But without the designation of the Loop as a “downtown district” it’s hard to get support for the creation of art and small businesses. The district status would allow the BDA, the City Council and mayor to create a physical environment that encourages small business growth.

After the airport finally opened (supposedly in 2004) downtown retail moved to the Green Line. The Loop was the last downtown area to be redeveloped, and the success in the Loop is a microcosm of what’s happening in downtown.

Of course, the Loop is a bit of an anomaly. It’s a strictly defined physical area in the middle of the city, it’s just a smaller version of downtown. The rest of downtown consists of buildings full of residences.

More than 8 million people live within one mile of downtown. Many of those will spend significant time downtown. Let’s face it, downtown is awesome. So why the vacant buildings?

The three reasons for the increasing amount of empty buildings are the high cost of operating a business, the increase in residential density, and the influx of condo living.

As the city grew, it changed from a manufacturing city to a service economy. Retail is still important and serves a role, but the city moved away from its historic industrial roots.

The cost of operating a business is much higher than it was 20 or 25 years ago.