Account Hitman V098

Account Hitman V098


Account Hitman V098

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Account Hitman v0.98 – YouTube *Lucy* has verified this account. Forgot Password? Account +3501559832Friday, May 2, 2018

The een army – a hedonistic delight

Yet another installment of my “letter from the nebulae” series. In this episode it’s about what a female eevee, a flying snake, and a yet another debut eevee call the een army.

Probably the hardest part about writing in the new Unova is figuring out how to make it seem interesting. Writing is what I do. It’s what makes me comfortable and happy in life, but I also struggle to write about things that don’t interest me. This half of the series is mainly about something I love for the most part. So to write about something I love and write about it in a way that it sounds good, is really hard to do.

A lot of the time I struggle for ideas that are cool and unique. That’s how this series started. I had the idea of a new generation from the Unova generation. So I came up with a new generation, and I wrote in their point of view. I had a good time doing it. It was fun to write it in third person as well, and write in a female’s perspective too. I’ve always wanted to write in first person about something, so this felt like a good way to do it.

Yet, I also struggle with coming up with cute names and ideas for names, and descriptions.

I think that the names I came up with are alright, but I’m not really happy with them. Flying Snakes, as well as Fire Dragons are pretty cool though. I’d like to come up with more clever names. The description is fairly self explanatory. I’ve always thought that the battles between the two eeveelutions in this generation would be rather amusing, if not a bit scary. And I thought I’d try my hand at some battles with physics as well.

This is the first installment of the Eeveelution series. It’s mainly about the eeveelutions in the Unova generation, and that generation itself. Because this is about the generation, I’m really not concerned about writing it in a chronological order, rather it’s written in the style of an adventure. I’m not planning to write many of those. I just want to write the stories behind

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